Third Party Reviews

andrew benson | August 05, 2018 |

"Received an exceptionally poor haircut, though didn't realize it was half as bad as it was until I went home and showered. Contacted them to let them know about the issues, as it was uneven and just plain bad (ie, not just not what I had in mind when I came in). Didn't receive a response of any kind until today, 5 months later (haircut was on March 3rd). Response has no offer of any kind to fix it or otherwise make up for it, and included the line, "I was very sorry to hear that you did not receive the haircut that you had intended", which doesn't even address the issue I had. Sometimes haircuts end up a bit uneven or otherwise bad, but I've never had anyplace care so little for their customers that they take 5 months to say sorry and offer no help of any kind."

Paul Halfman | June 27, 2018 |

"Use the remote check in online. They can get backed up here."

M Colaiano | June 18, 2018 |

"Checked in online. Arrived, was asked if my son was the next on the list. He said yes, the stylist turns to a customer in the waiting area and says "I'll just go ahead and take him." Don"t offer online check in if you are not going to honor it."

Virtis Lanier | April 11, 2018 |

"Go on Wednesday @ 2"

chad kasal | April 24, 2018 |

"Paid 18$ for the worst hair cut of my entire life. The woman said she has been cutting hair for 17 year. She shouldnt be touching anyones hair period. The manager will hear from me and i want a refund. Fuming rn."

Alexis Samson | April 18, 2018 |

"I came in with 2 Boys and had a problem with coupons given to me a few months ago and the New manager was quick to fix the problem and my boys have a great new look. Thanks ladies!"

Tedd Maxfield | April 16, 2018 |

"Today marked the second occasion on which I arrived at this Sport Clips location to find it closed. Today the reason was weather. All the neighboring businesses were open. All the roads were plowed. Travel was not an issue."

Michael Lewis | April 04, 2018 |

"Not going back, try to sell you product you dont need, pushy stylist."

Ruby Wyatt | March 16, 2018 |

"Horrifying experience. The website would not check in all day for me and the manager refused to help or show a care about it. TERRIBLE SERVICE. ������"

Sam Jensch | February 23, 2018 |

"Absolute joke! Been going here for a while, get home from work tonight, showered quick and looked up closing time-‘8:00’ ok I leave at 7:10 and walk in the door at exactly 7:30. Three stylists in there, one was finishing up a customer, other two weren’t with anyone. Stylist tells me ‘Oh, it’s 7:30, we close at 8, so we are done.’ Dumbfounded I walked out. You have three stylists there and you just turned away a customer at 7:30 because you close at 8:00? You don’t close at 7:30, you close at 8:00. You should update the time on google so others don’t get turned away. Can’t tell me a stylist can’t whip out my 15 minute haircut while the other two close. Absolutely unacceptable, if I ran this franchise, this would never happen! Customers are the reason you are in existence and you just turned one away 30 minutes before you ACTUALLY CLOSE! For a 15 minute haircut! I have a work related event tomorrow, and would have gone somewhere else that cared about their customers, that the employees don’t close 30 minutes before advertised. Well you won’t be calling me a customer, I will never enter any of your locations ever again!"